Through many different metaphorical and physical approaches, my art strives to grasp the interconnectedness of self, humanity, reality, and nature. Guided by symbols of the unconscious mind as I explore means of narrative, I am inexhaustibly inspired by the all-encompassing and sacrosanct connection between instinct and place, and the profound relationship between these two entities.

The mechanisms of humanity form the foundation of my work-- because of the profound importance of our birth from nature and unconditional independence on the earth, and the evolution of our interactions with our environments and one another. as realistically as I am able, I depict natural and learned ways of life organically as one, to imply and express the unity between humankind and all of its perplexities, and the delicacy of the fauna & flora with which we coexist. 

Internal conflict, loss of control, power, greed, perception, and ego play on what we have created as a society. I depict this presence through a looming, unnamed force of disarray that both disguises itself and shifts before our very eyes, but is always somehow just out of reach. As an immigrant coming to the U.S from a family widely dispersed across the globe in Norway, the Netherlands, and South Africa, my cultural background and experiences span many different ways of life. While I was enchanted by the vibrancy of  downtown Seattle, I often felt a sense of diasporic otherworldliness. This appears  in my work as transformative transpositions, and has spurred my fascination with behavior, belief, and awareness. Revealing as little as possible on the specificities of each piece in my larger body of work to my viewer, I allow my audience to enrich my own understanding of my work through their perceptions of my subject matter and symbology. This is an important factor of my art, as I closely consider its function as a way to directly communicate to my viewer the surreal wonder and mystery that fuels my thirst for the meaning of our purpose, of belonging, and of life.