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Painting with muted tones of blue, seafoam, stone, taupe, and teal. Architectural forms of varied cubic shapes and sizes warp and stack on top of one another and flow organically as they are housed in a misty faraway-feeling urban landscape.

Predominantly black and white impressionist brushstroke painting with a hint of ice blue in bottom right-hand corner. Seattle dark clouded cityscape featuring distant buildings and an elongated winding road is transposed onto African bush landscape with foreground forestry and a dazzle of zebras approaching from bottom right-hand corner

Oil painting of a dark moonlit watering hole, a cape buffalo stands gazing to the right surrounded by three pale naked headless women locked in an intimate embrace. To the right of the scene, an antique lamp with a deep magenta ornate shade and gold rod illuminates the women and buffalo                                        Woodcut print on kitakata off-white paper, in all b&w, a male kalahari lion with a human body in a tuxedo plays an ornate piano as he turns to look behind him directly at the viewer. The keys of the piano begin to fly off of the piano from the right hand corner and increase in size as they land in a circular formation surrounding the lion and piano. At the center of the circular piano key formation are a large pair of clock hands. At the end of the circular piano key formation on the left hand side the piano keys begin to lift from the ground and fly off into the distance decreasing in size as they approach a looming human silhouette shadow in the background of the piece.

                                           Woodcut print onto kitakata off-white paper, in all b&w, in a long horizontal orientation a foreshortened metro bus interior with 10 chacma baboons are dispersed about the seats, hand railings, and walkway of the bus, some showing all or partial appendages and some with hybrid human appendages and or clothing, at the center of the piece a shadow with the shape of a human silhouette is seated behind a partition on the bus. In the right hand corner of the bus interior a bus window lining elongates and transforms into a busy highway with passing vehicles and becomes part of a forested Seattle skyline and cityscape. Some of the buildings in the cityscape warp and fold toward different directions, with a row of buildings that warp and curve their way back into the bus interior in the opposite direction to that of the left bus window lining.
Woodcut print on kitakata off-white paper, in all b&w, a traffic cone warps into the neck and head of a giraffe that leans slightly to the left and holds an unraveling loom of caution tape that blows and twists about in the wind. On the ground slightly behind the giraffic cone is a pothole in the shape of a human silhouette.